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ENV Services is following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidelines including: international travel restrictions, reporting contact or symptoms, and basic office / personal hygiene and prevention.  We have communicated these guidelines to all of our employees and encouraged them to get tested if they show any symptoms.  Also, any employee who may have had contact with someone who has traveled internationally to a high risk area or contact with someone suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 must be reported to ENV Human Resources / Safety.


As it has always been, safety and impeccable service is our upmost priority.  ENV Services is maintaining our schedules and servicing our customers.  We will continue sending our team members into your facilities with proper gowning and cleaning techniques to ensure we are able to fulfill your critical environmental needs for certification, calibration and decontamination services. 


Communication is key during these difficult times.  We ask that you please keep us up to date on your site(s) status such as: closures to outside vendors, limited daily operations, and additional forms you may need filled out prior to our arrival.  Together we can move through this with continued support for your facilities while maintaining health and morale for everyone.

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